Club Lighthouse

As a Lighthouse PLZ subscriber, you have the unique and extensive expertise of Allen, Brian, and Joel at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a fraction of the cost of single day of in-office consulting. Our innovative on-line community "Club Lighthouse" allows you tap the full knowledge of the entire Lighthouse team, as well as your peers from around the globe who are in search of the easiest ways to make their professional life less stressful and more profitable!

On a daily basis, Allen, Brian, and Joel participate in the Club discussion forums, answering your questions about software, clinical technology, and ways to tackle all manner of problems facing your office. When not on the Club or on the road helping other practices, Allen is the front desk person and office manager at the Jorgensen practice (and has been for the last 12 years). There is not a practice problem around that he hasn't seen and solved.

Over 60 articles have already been written by Allen, Brian, and Joel on topics like A/R management, getting rid of your paper charts, patient communications, and a lot more. Articles are often accompanied by customized PracticeWorks Experts designed to tackle head on the issue at hand. You simply download and install the Experts, and the Lighthouse system immediately becomes an automated part of your day.

With your Club Lighthouse subscription, the following features are available to you:

  1. Read Articles about the latest techniques in effective practice management written by Allen, Brian, and Joel. Your subscription gives you access not only to the new articles, but to the entire Lighthouse archive of past articles.

  2. Participate in on-line discussion groups with Allen, Brian, Joel and other dentists and office managers around the globe. In the "Forums" section of the Club, you can ask questions or add comments to ongoing discussions on a number of topics that relate to your practice, ranging from technology to human resources, from clinical to administrative. The Lighthouse team monitors the Forums closely. Ask a question and you will almost always have an answer within 24 hours. Each question and answer is archived and can be searched at any time, giving you access not only to the answers to your own questions, but to all of the past questions and comments of all members. Over 4,500 questions have been asked, over 33,000 replies have been posted!

  3. Browse and select from a huge archive of Lighthouse-created PracticeWorks Experts. Part of the Lighthouse mission is to bring the tremendous capabilities of the PracticeWorks system to everyone. To that end, the Lighthouse team has bundled years of real-world experience in practice management technology into a series of PracticeWorks customizations for you to select and download for use in your own practice.

  4. Request the creation of a PracticeWorks Expert if you can't find the perfect Expert in the archive. One of the big advantages of Club Lighthouse is that Brian and Joel were the original designers and programmers of PracticeWorks. No longer do you need to know the sometimes intricate syntax of PracticeScript. By requesting the creation of an Expert in the Club's "Experts Request" forum, Brian or Joel can create the perfect Expert for you in short order.

  5. Search the PracticeWorks-IDF archive. An internet mailing list of knowledgeable PracticeWorks users from around the world was an immediate success in 1998 with the active participation of numerous dedicated PracticeWorks users (including Allen) and the original developers (and then employees of PracticeWorks, Inc.) Brian and Joel. For over 5 years, the tips, tricks, and solutions to tough practice problems have been discussed. The entire 5 year history of the PracticeWorks IDF has been collected and organized into a forum on Club Lighthouse . With the powerful search capabilities of the Club Lighthouse forum system, these 5 years of knowledge are now right at your fingertips.

  6. Browse through several other special sections designed specifically for the high-powered dental office, such as links to web sites of particular interest to Club members, and many other goodies!

  7. Participate in the development of the next generation in practice management software.

Join the ranks of the technology enlightened and improve your practice at your own convenience by visiting Club Lighthouse today! As a guest, you can browse around the site and see the type of valuable information you are missing by not being a member. To visit Club Lighthouse right now, click here!



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